Bitkruz Mission/Vision

November 7, 2019


Watch our video to have a better understanding of both our mission and vision.

Bitkruz Mission: contribute and help to democratize the rewarding and convenient use of crypto-services. Therefore, we, Bitkruz, see it as one of our most important missions to inform and educate everyone about the benefits and advantages of digital currencies and assets.Thanks to our advanced multiservice crypto-trading platform, Bitkruz aim to help you or anyone cash in on the worldwide and ongoing crypto-revolution.


Bitkruz Vision: at Bitkruz “…we have a dream that one day..” any world citizen can have easily access to crypto-trading and fully benefit from it, as well as, any other cheaper and more convenient crypto-services available such as e.g. crypto-remittance or crypto-payments (online/offline).