Cryptocurrency deposits

  • All coins – 0.5%
  • All stable coins – 1%
  • Liquid tokens – 0.5%
  • Non-Liquid tokens – 1%

Fiat currency deposits

  • GBP (Visa/Mastercard): no minimum deposit amount, the deposit fee is 5%
  • EUR (Visa/Mastercard): no minimum deposit amount, the deposit fee is 5%
  • USD (Visa/Mastercard): no minimum deposit amount, the deposit fee is 5%

Withdrawal fees

Please note that minimum required amount to withdraw should be equal or greater than transaction fee.

CurrencyNameWithdrawal fee
Fiat Currencies (for individuals)
EUREuroSWIFT Bank Transfer: 2%*
EUREuroSWIFT Bank Transfer: 2%*
EUREuroSEPA Bank Transfer: 2%**
EUREuroSEPA Bank Transfer: 2%**
EUREuroAdvcash: 2%
USDUnited States DollarAdvcash: 2%
GBP Great Britain PoundAdvcash: 2%
ADA Cardano1
BTC BitCoin0.0005
BCHBitcoin Cash0.0002
ETH Ether0.01
LTC Litecoin0.002
XRP Ripple0.2
USDT (Omni) Tether15
USDT (ERC-20)Tether1.3
PAX Paxos Standart0.6
GUSDGemini dollar10
USDCCircle USD0.6
XLM Zcash0.01
****NEO has no decimals therefore minimum required amount is 1 NEO + transaction fee 0.025 = 1.025 NEO as minimum

Deposit and withdrawal limits

FeaturesVerification Level 0Verification Level 1Verification Level 2Verification Level 3
Crypto DepositNo LimitNo limitsNo limitsNo limits
Fiat Deposit--No limitsNo limits
Crypto-to-Crypto Trading++++
Fiat-to-Crypto Trading-+++
Crypto Withdrawal++++
Fiat Withdrawal--++
Daily Withdrawal Limit
(fiat and crypto total)
-Equivalent to USD 100,000.00Equivalent to USD 200,000.00Equivalent to USD 300,000.00
Monthly Crypto
Withdrawal Limit
-No limitsNo limitsNo limits
Monthly Fiat Withdrawal LimitNo Limit-Equivalent to USD 3,000,000.00Equivalent to USD 5,000,000.00
KYC requirementsE-mail verificationID document, selfie, basic informationProof of address,
additional ID document
Source of funds, due dilegence
To use the exchange,
corporate clients
and merchants have to
achieve Verification Level 3

Risk disclaimer
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Wallets in FIAT currencies (as USD, EUR or other) can be used only for short-term storage of funds for cryptocurrencies purchase.

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