11 grudnia, 2019


Despite ongoing measures to prevent hacking and other illicit behaviour online, cybersecurity remains of utmost importance in business today. Social media is no exception, and Facebook continues to be plagued by fake accounts which have been attributed to an increase in automated attacks. As we have found,  Bitkruz is no exception to these incidents.

We wish to draw your attention to a recent fake Facebook account created under the guise of a member of our team. It is apparent that the fake account was created to try to extract money from Facebook users, but this is an outright scam. Please be assured that we do not use our personal Facebook page to this effect.

We would like to inform our clients to be wary at all times of what may be a fake account and/or an online scam and to check all credentials before parting with any money.

If you wish to contact us, please send an email to our official address where we can reassure you that you’re in legitimate hands.